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January 17, 2012 / happilymarriedtoabikerhappilymarriedtoabiker

Dresses of all shapes and colors!

You may be a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl or maybe you prefer formal wear, whatever tickles your fancy we bet you cannot resist a figure-hugging, feminine dress no matter how hard you try! Whether you are attending a glamorous social event or simply planned a weekend brunch with your friends – you just cannot go wrong in a dress and some fancy heels. Luckily here at USF Store we recognize the importance of proving you with that “perfect” dress that will be a wise addition to your closet and will help you feel beautiful no matter what the occasion is!

Here are just some of the top ten reasons you must own any of the below dresses (if we don’t have you convinced yet):

1. Because life’s too short to blend in. Don’t settle for average.

2. Because you’re only young once. You’re way more gorgeous than you know & have a fabulous body you’ll one day look back on and wish you had! Take advantage now and show off how fabulous you can be.

3. Because fashion is a method of self expression. What are you trying to say?

4.  Because you never know who you’ll run into. Brad Pitt at the grocery store? Hey, stranger things have happened.

5. Because you deserve to look your best at all times.

6. Because dressing up helps you weed out friends who don’t love you for you. If they have a problem with the way you dress, they’re not the kind of friends you want around.

7. Because cute clothes and accessories are a great conversation starter. Wear something fabulous and people will ask you where you got it.

8. Because parties aren’t the only time to celebrate.

9. Because even if you live in an “unstylish” city & are scared to dress up, cities don’t become stylish without someone going first. I know it sounds cheesy, but be the change you want to see in the world. Everyone else can follow your fabulous lead.

10. Because it’s a test of your confidence. Dressing unconventionally forces you to develop the self-assurance necessary to stand out from everyone else.

To help you select the perfect one for you here is a sneak preview of the dresses we have in store! Pass by and try them on!

Are you absolutely in love yet? Hurry, these are very limited addition! We will not be re-orderding them to keep fashion exclusive!

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