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December 17, 2011 / happilymarriedtoabikerhappilymarriedtoabiker

Unleash The Dragon

Just two weeks left until New Year’s Eve!

 We are all in anticipation of the year of the Dragon and what it may bring it might be wise to read the few pointers below to make sure you greet the year in style and in perfect harmony with the Dragon.  It has been long believed that dressing in certain textiles, colors or using specific accessories that resemble the Chinese symbol of the year will bring prosperity and luck!

The 2012 Dragon is undeniable black, so you are safe with an outfit of that color just make sure you “diffuse” it with splashes of gold, yellow or orange. Accessories are perfect for creating this diversion whether it is gloves, a scarf, a belt or a bolero.

Keep in mind that according to ancient myths dragons guarded treasures so any of the accessories above can be substituted for jewellery (preferably gold and gems).  Put on your best necklaces, bracelets or earring and don’t be afraid to “overdo it”, there is no accessorizing limit when it comes to imitating The Dragon.

The most effective outfit to celebrate 2012 in is considered to be a black dress made or partially accessorized with black leather, complete with elegant black gloves, gold accessories, pears or long sparkly earrings. If you opt for a clutch bag it must also be golden and in tone with the shoes. Just remember to avoid any snakeskin prints in your outfit, the snake is a far away relative of the dragon and will not do any good in attracting luck!

Here are a few items from USF Store that will surely bring out the passionate Dragon in you!

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