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November 30, 2011 / happilymarriedtoabikerhappilymarriedtoabiker

Must-Haves for a Night Out!

Happy Wednesday Y’all!

Tick Tock…the weekend is almost here!

Whether you will be partying till the dawn this weekend in Muscat or simply enjoying a few Cosmopolitans with the girls, here are some must have items and outfits for a fashionable night of fun:

We are raving about this off-the-shoulder dress complete with vamp chains hanging off the side. If Michelle Obama and Kim K can pull it off…surely you can too! A fabulous pair of shoes and a great bag are all you need with a one-shouldered dress. 

What is a night out without some fantastic heels to complete your outfit? Surely we’ve been seen anyone look exceptionally confident in a little cocktail dress and ballet flats! To make sure you spend the night dancing and not standing in a corner dreaming of the moment your bare feet can touch the floor…opt for heels you are comfortable in such as the ones featured here!

Clutches are perfect to hold all your necessities during a night out! You must be well equipped with your cell phone, lip-gloss, some cash and other tricks up your sleeve without having to drag around a huge purse!

All of the featured items are available at USF Store, Muscat, Zakher Mall! Check us out on Facebook!

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