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November 25, 2011 / happilymarriedtoabikerhappilymarriedtoabiker

Dress for success

Let’s face it…picking an outfit for a job interview or even for work on a daily basis is a task that most of us do not enjoy very much. So unless you have an unlimited budget, a personal shopping assistant or uniform at work- you probably spend a good amount of your time trying to match your suits, tops, skirts, shirts and ruffled scarfs whilst trying to capture a “smart casual” look that says ” I know how to dress smart without making it look like I put too much effort into it”.

 Oh, if only all of us were so lucky.

The way you dress reflects your personality and your approach to life in general, meaning you’d better be careful how you go about this daily task. You want people at work to respect you, see you as a welcoming and calm and mild person. You don’t want to draw attention to the wrong things.

Modern business etiquette demands a modestly dressed woman, who look “well put together”  and does not stand vulgar outfits or those that have been put together in haste. Yet, when at work, us women want to look like we are in control; especially when it comes to what we are wearing.

 Here are a few perfect outfits that are available at USF Store, Zakher Mall that will make every weekday morning an absolute pleasure:



These three ensembles are quick fixes for smart, sophisticated work outfits- perfect for a smart business lunch or a board meeting that leads to it! And the best part…effortless style.

The featured items are available in USF Store, Zakher Mall, Muscat- please find us on Facebook or visit us at the store!

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